Our vision is to assemble a network of faith-driven investors to accelerate Integrated Businesses and enhance an integrated economy. The result will be shared prosperity offering testimony to the peace made possible by shalom economics.

The IBR partners are unified in the conviction that increased direct investment in high-quality business is the sturdiest pathway to economic growth and eventual peace in Judea and Samaria. At IBR, we believe a special opportunity exists today to nurture and develop this new base of Integrated Businesses – and that its worthy of our best efforts to build an international network of like-minded strategic partners to mentor these entrepreneurs and develop a pipeline of opportunities for impact investment.

The mission of IBR consists of three distinct lanes of action:


IBR Insights

Ideas that drive policy solutions for shared prosperity.

IBR works with a wide range of supportive international nonprofit organizations, foundations, governments, and research institutions to advance solutions for the integrated economy in Judea and Samaria and advocate for the hope-giving development path for the region’s population.


IBR Experiences

Events that enhance faith and culture in the Holy Land.

IBR does not only want to talk about the circumstances on the ground in Judea and Samaria, but also invite the international community to experience the dualities of the region – opportunity and hardship, beauty and brokenness, history and the modern era. Through virtual and in-person experiences, IBR gives people an up-close look at the economy, politics, and culture of Judea and Samaria to build a community of supporters, enhance appreciation for the region’s assets, and support local businesses in recreation and tourism.


IBR Initiatives

Programs that advance innovation among Judea and Samaria’s leading entrepreneurs.

Through its network of businesses, associations, and individual relationships, IBR aims to systematically build a pipeline of qualified, investable deals in the integrated business economy. In parallel, IBR aims to build a growing community of impact investors to join us in this work. IBR also works to build a source of meaningful mentoring and business advisory services that add value to integrated business entrepreneurs by helping to improve business plans and prospects for securing capital.