Celebrating One Year of Advancing Shared Prosperity in Judea and Samaria

The Integrated Business Roundtable (IBR) was launched in January 2020 just before two events would change the world. Of course, the coronavirus arrived in the spring with devastating effects on the global economy. Then as summer turned to fall, the United States brokered a peace deal between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain. The historic Abraham Accords united the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael in a powerful trade relationship combining Israeli innovation with Arab wealth. 

In the midst of these tectonic geopolitical shifts, the IBR brought the world’s attention to the emerging economy of Judea and Samaria. This effort was fueled by a group of faith-based investors who put capital into Israeli and Palestinian businesses. Please see the examples below for more insight into how IBR advanced shared prosperity for the family of Abraham.


The Emergent Economy

Through on the ground relationships and hard-won insight, IBR has identified economic opportunities in Judea and Samaria that have the potential to transform the region. IBR has been invigorated to discover that there are investable opportunities that stand ready to benefit from capital, mentorship, and thought leadership. The emergent economy of Judea and Samaria is being cultivated through partnerships with the Field International Growth Accelerator (FIGA) in Ariel, the Milken Innovation Center based in Jerusalem, and dialogue with influential policymakers and diplomats around the world.


Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum

The Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum, hosted by IBR, is the premier convening of leaders to discuss economic development in Judea and Samaria. This world class event brought together the policy, business, and entrepreneurship communities to consider the latest ideas and progress towards an integrated economy. Guests at IPEF 2020 included US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Daniel Runde from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation Ofir Akunis. IPEF also featured three integrated businesses in Judea and Samaria that represent its innovation and economic potential. 


Active Investment Opportunities

Alongside the Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum, IBR launched the inaugural investment showcase to put 1 million shekel into two integrated business operating in the region – a digital health company and a renewable energy solution. Both companies qualified for investment and are using the funds as a bridge to seed rounds that IBR will also play a role in supporting. IBR investors are using their business experience and passion for the region to help these entrepreneurs find success and bring more capital to Judea and Samaria. Meanwhile, the momentum of the investment showcase and interest from local entrepreneurs is fast-tracking the development of an Emergent Economy Innovation Center, which will incubate opportunities and connect investors to deal flow and the policy environment.

To engage with the work of IBR we encourage you to join our membership community, the President’s Circle, or the Investor Circle. Contact CEO, Avi Zimmerman, at avi@IBRoundtable.org to learn more.